Concrete Floor Polishing in Tampa vs Burnished

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You’ve probably heard the term “burnished concrete” before, and you’re probably wondering what it means. After all, isn’t that what floor polishing is? But the two aren’t the same thing; floor polishing is only one of many types of concrete floor finishing. The difference between standard concrete floor polishing and burnished concrete floors is this: Standard Floor Polishing: Gives your concrete floors a glossy, mirror-like finish that lasts even after heavy foot traffic. Burnished Concrete Floors: Not only does this finish have its unique characteristics, it protects your floors from wear and tear better than traditional polished concrete finishes do. Both conventional and advanced techniques of floor polishing can produce different results. So how do you know which technique is right for your home? Let’s explore! Concrete floor polishing in Tampa have all flooring solution for you.

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What is Standard Concrete Floor Polishing?

Conventional or standard concrete polishing gets your floors beautiful, shiny, and long-lasting. This is achieved by using a specific type of acid-base polishing machine. The process works by buffing the surface of the concrete with a wire brush so that tiny particles are attracted to the wire and deposited in a fine powder form on the wire. The buffing machine is often fitted with a “scrubber” designed to maintain a constant polishing action. The speed and pressure used in the buffing process can all affect the finish you get. When you are looking for concrete floor polishing in Tampa, our specialists can fulfill your requirements.


What is the Difference Between Standard Concrete Floor Polishing and Burnished Concrete Floors?

According to experts who specialize in concrete floor polishing in Tampa, both standard concrete polishing and burnished concrete floors are acidic. In both cases, the finished product is a polishing agent/base that removes surface dirt from the concrete to be ready for a finishing process such as buffing, one- or two-coat painting, or staining. However, the difference between the two is that the base is a natural, Semi-Translucent Oxide finishing agent created by a special process in burnished concrete. Burnished Concrete Floors are not only naturally occurring and safe for concrete, but they also provide increased resistance to wear and tear and improved surface conditions.


How Does Standard Concrete Floor Polishing Work?

Standard concrete floor polishing is similar to any other concrete surface finishing process. However, important adjustments must be made to ensure a successful outcome. The first and most important step in the polishing process is selecting the appropriate base material. Either color or texture can determine the base material. If you want a multi-colored finish, you’ll want a base material that can hold together under pressure so that colors don’t run together.

On the other hand, if you want a more durable finish that won’t wear as quickly, then a natural stone, cinder block, or concrete would be the proper base material. The type of finish you select can also affect how your polishing machine works. If you want a more aggressive finish on the machine, you’ll want to choose a less acidic finish. These are just a couple of the things to keep in mind when selecting the right base material for your finish. We believe in providing top-quality concrete floor polishing in Tampa to our customers.


The Pros and Cons of Standard Concrete Floor Polishing

The Pros of Standard Concrete Floor Polishing: – Good for all floors, including hard floors, concrete countertops, and concrete or porcelain tile floors. – Very easy to maintain. – Gives your floors a very durable finish. It- Easy to find in stores. – Appropriate for all types of floors. The Cons of Standard Concrete Floor Polishing: – You’ll likely need to purchase a specialty machine to finish concrete properly. It- Not good for stairs and other incline areas. – Can be pricey. – Some finishing techniques are more time-consuming.


Standard concrete floor polishing is a safe and easy way to finish your concrete floors. Although it won’t give your concrete floors a long-lasting finish, it’s easy to maintain and provides good protection from wear and tear. If you want a finish that’ll last but does not require much work, burnished concrete is your finish. Our concrete floor polishing in Tampa crew can handle it whenever you have a request.