Polished Concrete Flooring in Jacksonville Look Great!

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The home industry has come a far way in recent years, using the latest technologies to produce stunning homes. Flooring especially has come a long way with its engineered hard woods, its tiles made to look like anything you want, and its stamped concrete or polished concrete flooring in Jacksonville. Homeowners now have a tough decision to make when choosing flooring.


As concrete makes its way into the mainstream of the home building and remodeling industry, builders, remodelers, and homeowners should become aware of its many benefits. Not only is it used for flooring, but it makes great counter tops and fireplace hearths as well. Here’s what you should know about polished concrete flooring in Jacksonville.


Polished Concrete Benefits For Businesses

These floors are economical, in that they cost less than other flooring choices, last longer, and reflect both electric and natural light for a lower power bill. Other benefits include:


  • Ease of maintenance. Just sweep the floor and go over it once with a floor polishing machine, and you’re good to go.
  • No dusting. Unfinished concrete endures wear and tear like any other floor. When it does, a thing called concrete dust happens. This dust gets into machinery, is inhaled by humans, and causes all sorts of troubles. Polished concrete flooring in Jacksonville is the answer to the problem.
  • Energy efficient. Would you need to turn on all your lights if the sheen on the floor reflected them blindingly? Of course not. Your power bill will be more reasonable, and your customers will see your wares much better. Happy customers come back to see you.



Polished Concrete Benefits For Homeowners

The affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance is the same for homeowners choosing flooring as well as their retail cousins. However, perhaps one thing domestic polished concrete floors have all over commercial floors is the design element.


Big box stores, department stores, and some offices tend to have plain polished concrete floors. The design elements for homes are wider in scope such as:


  • Overlay. An existing concrete slab is poured with a thinner overlay and then polished to a high shine.
  • Stamped. Wet concrete is overlaid with a form. This form can be made to look like hard wood, stone, or any other finish you wish. When the form has done its job, it’s taken up and the concrete is allowed to dry and then polished.
  • Acid stained. Mild acids are placed atop the concrete. They mix with each other to form a muddled appearance like marble. Each color and floor is unique.
  • Stenciled. Ever wanted the perfect canvas for your artistry? Get to creating while the concrete is wet. When it dries and is polished, your masterpiece will be enjoyed for a long time.
  • Dyed. If you’d rather have a solid color floor rather than a marbled one, then dyeing is the answer. Polish it, and then enjoy.


Polished concrete flooring in Jacksonville might be right for you if you don’t mind a cold floor on which things will break when falling. If you aren’t elderly or have children who fall, then the beauty and durability of concrete flooring might be for you.